Homeschool Room Tour

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I'm Angela! I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have 4 beautiful children 🙂 Two grew in my tummy, and two grew in our hearts. We are busy, loud, crazy homeschoolers and just strive to make the most of everyday. I'm a follower of Jesus, photographer and beauty product junkie. Of course we can add coffee addict, adoption advocate, sometimes fitness bunny, most of the time food lover, and a wandering soul.
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46 thoughts on “Homeschool Room Tour

    1. +This Gathered Nest love Jaimie Kight idea. Family picture would be so beautiful over fireplace 🙂

    2. +This Gathered Nest Or maybe a world map? That would be nice since the room is like a classroom ^^

    3. +This Gathered Nest World map with string going from pictures of th kids to where they are from 🙂 That’s what we have in our school , it’s cute and great for kids understanding where they are from and different parts of the world 🙂

  1. This was so entertaining. I just discovered your channel, and I’m obsessed already. I know I’m only 18, but whenever I do start a family I want to do homeschooling. Your children are lucky! Such a beautiful person you are! 💜🎀✨

  2. wow I’ve always known about homeschooling, but never really understood what goes on behind the scenes. Can you do a video of the reasons why you decided to homeschool your kids? and how long will they be homeschooled for? Do you fear they might not learn the social skills kids learn at school?

    1. We homeschool our kids. they learn social skills at home, outings, plus they have ballet, piano, gymnastics, Ice skating group lessons, Ice skating private lessons, water Polo, swim meet, weekly field trips/Co ops. I believe they are well balanced socialized human beings! Homeshooling and working from home really gives us the option to world school our kids hands on. instead of just learning about history in books we actually take them physically there. is just an amazing opportunity to be able to provide such wealth of information, education and a well rounded social life.

    2. So, I’m going to give you the downside of home schooling. I was home schooled for about a semester to a year before I went back to school. I HATED it, but this is just based from my experience. I hated not being able to be with my friends at school and be able to talk to them. My dad worked so I didn’t get to really go to places, but I also had a bad home life so going to school was kind of the escape I needed plus it got me out of the house. Just being stuck at home and learning just didn’t give me the motivation to do anything. I prefer the classroom environment. I agree with what she said though just give it a try, and see what happens.

  3. can everybody just teach their kids at home in the US? Because here (Switzerland) it is illegal not to send them to a normal school and you would get in serious troubles. Why is homeschooling such big thing? Are the public schools in the US that bad? Are the teachers not doing their job well? I’m really confused, because here it would be so odd, if some parents just decided to “play teacher” even though they haven’t done the studies they would need to teach in public schools…

    1. You have to get certified to home school. I was home schooled and hated it but some kids like it. They are still registered though as students.

    2. I was home schooled and hated it. I hated not be around other kids, and not being able to have other people to talk to, but to some it works. I just hope people don’t force it upon their children.

    3. I’m a homeschool alumni, I guess you could say. The reason I was homeschooled as because public school in the US is honestly so horrible. My siblings all went (I am from a particularly large family of over 10 kids) and they all struggled. The concepts were difficult or going to fast/slow for them. My mother decided to try it with me. It worked! I excelled in things like english and creative writing, art, music, etc; taking time in things that were harder for me to understand like math and science. It’s not ‘playing teacher’ either. The parents usually have a set curriculum Abeka, ACE, teaching textbooks (something mentioned in this video that I also used), and k-12 to name a few. They have teachers, they’re just at home while they do work and learn. Which, in my opinion is better. Socially I’ve been told that I act like a normal human being? Not like a weirdo that most people seem to associate homeschoolers with. I was in a debate team, a list of different dance classes, did charity work, and generally kept in contact with the rest of the world. Homeschooling was amazing for me because I’d get down with all my schoolwork by noon and had the rest of the day to spend as I pleased or to do more. That led to me graduating at the age of 16 with a list of scholarships under my belt. If someone wants to homeschool, they should come prepared and learn how the ‘proper’ way to do it is. There’s multiple ways but you can learn the dos and do nots as you go along.

    4. But that is the issue isn’t it? There is no proper way to learn and to hint that homeschooling is the proper way isn’t entirely true at all. Also, Congrats. While yes, our education system needs work, it doesn’t me that people in public schools don’t excel like you did. I mean, it just seems like your putting down those with public school education. Personally, I didn’t benefit from home school. It heightened my depression, and my anxiety It was both mentally draining and physically. Also the environment was suffocating, but that’s possibly because I didn’t have a picture perfect home life. I’ve always stuck with the method people learn however they are most comfortable. I prefer the classroom environment. We as individuals learn where we are most comfortable. I also graduated, and had scholarships for schools. Now, I attend a private college and working to get my degree to become a teacher. If I see a student having trouble then I’ll sit down with that student and their parent and perhaps figure out alternatives, even homeschooling.

    5. +Margaret Mei Smith I think that the main benefit of homeschooling is that you have a personalized education. But of course, if done wrongly it can end bad.

  4. So from the schedule at 4:25..
    They have Bible studies but no Science, Geography etc?
    Are they learning about their Environment?

    1. LunLai Geography is typically learned freshman year (9th grade in high school) in the US. As for science, they aren’t even of middle school age yet I don’t think so they still have time to learn that kind of stuff.

    2. Oh really so late in the US? I had science and geography since 3rd grade in primary school in Germany.

    3. Good God, I remember being so BORED in elementary school because I wasn’t learning a damn thing. I was perfectly capable of learning the countries of the world and where they were LONG before high school. Actually there were a lot of things I was curious about and wanted to learn when i was little. I hated being ignorant. I thought the whole advantage with homeschooling was that you had the freedom to teach whatever you want to the kids at any age you want.

  5. how can you find time for schooling if you have a space that requires so much fashioning and tidying??

  6. So much more fun and quirky than any other classroom I’ve been in at public school😂

  7. You could use the open space to place a TV there and can connect your laptop wirelessly to the TV so you can do slides, and educational videos. Also, I’m sorry if you’ve answered this but if your children express they want to go to a regular school will you let them?

  8. I want to homeschool my kids! My MIL homeschooled all of her kids. I have to have kids first though lol

    1. Mayra Orozco you can see it’s a religious homeschooling set up, so I giggly doubt she’s teaching too much evolution. She probably does a lot of science, not so much evolution.

  9. One suggestion for that space on top of the fireplace: TV. The main reason is that your kids can watch the educational things while standing. This will limit their sitting time, which is great for their health.

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