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HOWZIT GUUYS!! I'm not that religious, but I figure some of you might be so I wanted to share our way of making pancakes!

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Love you all (but like, I think we should just be friends.)


"Where are you from?"
– I'm half South African, half Polish (on my dad's side).

"Can you speak any Polish?"
– Troszkę

"How old are you?"
– As old as you want me to be, baby 😉

"What camera do you use?"
– To film the vlogs I'm using the Samsung S7 Edge (not the exploding one) and to take photos I'm using my Canon 6D.

"Why do you not use a better camera to film your videos?"
– Using a better camera means having to lug a better camera around with me all the time which means I'm less inclined to actually film. Also, using a phone as a camera is a lot more discreet which means I can film sneakily which makes me less awkward in public. Cause in South Africa people still don't get what vlogging is so they WILL stare if you're talking into a camera.

"Why is your F.A.Q. section so short?"
– Because I haven't had that many frequently asked questions yet.


  1. I’m thumbscribed for the cooking videos (and the boots meal deal coverage).
    Also… massive LOL for Sav waiting in the background to go shopping 🙂

  2. That’s exactly the pancakes my mother was cooking for me when I was a kid (with sugar and lemonjuice) and it’s also the common pancake here in Germany :^)
    Maybe we got it from my grandgrandparents, who were living in Poland. Mhmmm.
    Maybe your father knows somebody whose surname was “Sliwinski”?…Nvm. My Grandgranddad would be around 130 years old. ;_; Never had any contact to my polish family. Sad times. God damn it!

  3. Great timing on this SP 👍🏻 also a good tip is to let the batter rest in the fridge for at least 1/2 hour before cooking – don’t ask me why but it works ! Happy shrove Tuesday for tomorrow ☺

    1. Will have to try that next time and see what difference it makes! Thanks Debbie, Happy Shrove Tuesday to you too 🙂

    1. Haha. Ja, next time I’ll have to slow him down if we want to actually get an instructional video haha

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