Goat Stew with Rice and Fried Plantain – Nigerian Kitchen Recipes in 5 minutes

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First episode, showing how to prepare Nigerian dish of goat stew (obe) with rice (iresi) and plantain (dodo).

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Next recipe will be African river snail and spinach stew.

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The track is from Fela and is called Obe.

20 thoughts on “Goat Stew with Rice and Fried Plantain – Nigerian Kitchen Recipes in 5 minutes

  1. I was rolling when he brought out that maltina lmao. Good looking stew sha…though a bit runny.

  2. the Supermalt at the end made me laugh I drink them. Tell me, how long in total do you cook the meat for? Doesn’t mutton or goat take at least a couple of hours to get tender?

  3. I made the stew yesterday and it was delicious and I made it with catfish. It tasted just like the stew my dad makes.

  4. Mehn! I love the song playing in the background. I’ve been watchin this vid all day cos of the song. Nice video though. Luv d way d guy rolled the canned tomato to d other ingredients in 0:16

  5. lol……best video by far, no time wasting, straight to the point and very clear instructions with the added supermalt and PRAYER before the meal.

    Men are the best lol!

  6. LOL …I LOVE THIS VIDEO >>>> I couldn’t stop laughing when you sat down PRAYED and drank your SUPERMALT>>>you’re the best man

  7. It is so wonderful to see a MAN inthe kitchen doing his thang…Yo MOTHER taught u well…Your wife must be very lucky…I pray GOD bring me a man that can cook like this…WOW More vids please I love this music…

  8. I once ate african goat dish that has the goat pieces with burnt fur still attached to the meat/skin. Is this normal in africa?

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