Geography More! Belarus, Belgium and Belize

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ALRIGHT! ONE last video for 2016! Enjoy these extra facts about Belarus, Belgium and Belize. See you in 2017!

Thanks to Geograpeeps that helped with this video from Belarus:

Hanna M, Toni S, and Vlad K

And Geograpeeps from Belgium:

Wolf A, Balthazar R, Walthiero V, Audrey V, Tobi G, David B, Louis K, Bat B, Tijs M, Ilias B, Boon B, Lennert, John SJan T, Matthew L,


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109 thoughts on “Geography More! Belarus, Belgium and Belize

  1. Hehe… “Brest”

    Alright, ONE LAST video for you guys before the year is over! I’ll see you in 2017! Lots of great stuff planned for Geography now but as always YOU guys are the best part. Thanks for all your help and support. Here’s to another year of Geogra-ph-mazing…Geogra….Crap I’m getting rusty. Somebody help me here. CHEERS!

  2. Not “kali paska” but “kali laska” There is L not P in there.

    And what with all this pictures of famous sights in Belarus? Radzivill (btw you spelled it wrong) palace in Nesvizh is now more beautiful than what you have shown. (And does not have this muscovy roof on tower)

    1. I live in Mahilyow(Mogilev) and I must say that the internet restrictions aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think. I mean its not like its fully free, we do have censorship no doubt, but it isn’t too bad. Mostly its all political and social censorship on the internet. They only want you to use what they approve of. One notable thing that is censored is Nasha Niva, which is a Belarusian run newspaper(It is an online newspaper also, but some Belarusians can access it, others cant).

    2. Give him a break Valian. He made one little mistake. Overall, the info he gave on Belarus was great.

    3. Janusz Radziwiłł wanted Polish troops to support Lithuania during Russian invasion but at this time Polish troops were busy fighting Khmelnytsky Uprising. Russian forces were just too big and his troops lost badly in Smolensk. He also found John II Casimir a waek ruler (which was true by the way). And then came a Swedish invasion. Janusz Radziwiłł didn’t believe that Lithuania was able to survive this (and he was able to remain his political power) by staying in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with Poland being so weak at that moment and the ruler being so poor.

  3. Flemish is more different from Dutch than Wallonian French is from French.

    1. I don’t know if it really matters if there’s such a big difference. I just found it a bit weird how Paul went into detail about the difference between Belgian French and French-French, which isn’t that spectacular, and then brushed over the difference between Flemish/Belgian Dutch and Dutch, and called it “a little different”. As if French speakers are more important and require more attention then us Dutch or something. Belgian Dutch and normal Dutch are so much different from eachother that Flemish detectives aired in Holland are subtitled and Disney cartoons have their own Flemish dubs, I think that’s pretty note worthy for two super small countries that lie so close to eachother, it’s not “a little different”, it’s more different than that of two accents (American and English) that have an entire ocean in between them. Of course it’s mutually intelligible, but it’s not “a little”. I don’t know why I get so worked up about this.

    2. Klopt. Vlaams hangt trouwens nog meer vast aan oud nederlands. De nederlandse taal in Nederland is veel sneller geëvolueerd…

    3. +Beneluxflights
      Niet helemaal waar, de Statenvertaling van de Bijbel was geschreven door Vlaamse protestanten, daarom wordt Vlaams en het gebruik van “gij” ipv “jij” vaak gezien als middeleeuws, maar het is eigenlijk gewoon zo gekomen door het feit dat Spanje en Oostenrijk geen protestanten in hun rijk wouden.

    4. Flemish is very different from Dutch.
      you are in Flemish = “gij zijt”
      you are in Dutch = “je bent”

  4. Another year passed and I still didn’t get Zimbabwe. But I will still be patient. 2017 would be the year! I am sure of it!

    1. So according to the videos he published in the last 2 years we will hear something about Zimbabwe earliest in June 2019…

  5. You butchered the hard G in Dutch hahaha, no hard feelings tho. If you want to use the “dutch G” correctly, It’s the same as gurgling spit in your mouth. The hard sound you make while doing it is basically our G. 🙂

    1. Papa Francesco ongeveer minimaal 1 keer per week omdat ik in utrecht studeer (spijtig, ik weet het), volgens mij willen die mensen gwn ruzie ofzo xD

    2. +hans57kuijpers ahh, kutleven man. Ik word daar altijd instant chagrijnig van, het verschil is tering groot tussen limburgs en Brabants.

    3. Heeuj, Brabants draadje!

      Alvast ‘n goeie jaarwisseling toegewenst, mennekes!

  6. I’m guessing Belarus (almost) means White Russia? Because that’s how the country is called in Dutch.

    1. I have to disagree. In Polish Rus and Russia are not the same things. Russia (or rather most of the European part of Russia) is a part of Rus.

    2. They are not the same thing but in some languages instead of Rus, the name used is russia. For instance in portuguese, italian and spanish it is called Bielorussia. That’s all we are saying……..

  7. how about eden hazard, kevin de bruyne one of famous people from belgium

    1. Barby is probably not going to go for sports heroes if there are more notable people most viewers would know. I mean Audrey Hepburn versus Eden Hazard…come on?

    2. Time to look up who Audrey Hepburn is.

      edit: Ow, an old actrice, cool I guess.

  8. for more info about languages; there’s an awesome channel on Youtube called “Langfocus” hosted by Paul

    1. Quinten Whyte barby is even subscribed to langfocus Paul, it would be awesome to see a colab video when they reach Japan ( Since that’s where the other Paul lives)

    2. Paul from Langfocus also has a geography channel (Geofocus or sth), but it’s not very active.

    3. +Konos P I wish that wasn’t the case, but yea the guy has so much food on his plate since hes also an English teacher in Japan

  9. “Flemish and Wallonian people have had distinct cultures for millenia”. Sorry Barbi, gotta do this as a Southern Dutchie but I don’t think it’s correct to address those regions as purely Flemish or Wallonian in that time scale. The modern day Flemish regions incorporates Flemish, Brabantian and Limburgish people and dialects and the modern Wallonian regions incorporates Picardians, Wallonians and Luxembourgish (<- sort of) people and dialects. Though, admittedly Brabantian is being absorbed by a general Flemish dialect called "Tussentaal" (In-between language) and Picard has been replaced by Wallonian by a large extent. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but it might be interesting to some nonetheless ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

    1. And those regions all kind of stretch different language borders. Like Noord-brabant en waals brabant, technically speaking Liege was part of Limburg etc. the language really is kind of independent from the culture.

    2. +Freek De Jonghe Yup, even the population of the German Cleve region used to speak a Brabantian dialect until the Nazi party banned it. It’s practically extinct by now.

      I don’t know how Limburgish is doing in Germany, though.

  10. France should really change their counting system :
    10 : dix
    20 : vingt
    30 : trente
    40 : quarante
    50 : cinquante
    60 : soixante
    70 : soixante-dix
    80 : quatre-vingt
    90 : quatre-vingt-dix
    What’s the logic in that ? (and I said logic not history so no latin bla bla bla)

    1. +rino selen yes. Or we could go even more extreme and say :
      In that case, 11 would be décante et un, 12 would be décante deux…

    2. And since when is a language ‘logical’?? Wtf
      U dont get how a language evolves… look at danish numbers as well

    3. +Byron Reza I know how languages evolve. It can indeed evolve in a way that is either logical or illogical. But what I don’t like is that our self-described “french” Académie prevents our language from evolving at all.

  11. Audrey Hepburn just happened to be born in Belgium from a Dutch mother and a British father and left Belgium when she was 7 or 8 years old…
    Does it make her a Belgian national ?

    1. +Shortcut
      Which law? Audrey Heptburn was born in 1929. Back then the principle of ius sanguinis was the law in Belgium. Like in 99% of the nations in the world at the time. Either both or at least one of her parents would have had to be Belgian to make her a Belgian citizen. What wasn’t the case and therefore she was not Belgian. And even today you have to apply for citizenship, if you were born in Belgium without any parent to be Belgian themselves.

    2. No not really… I was Born in Germany, lived there for 18 years but I’m Dutch and Austrian and don’t have the German nationality.

    3. can you stop attributing American law to the rest of the world? By law she was never a Belgian citizen since her father was a diplomat. It would be more accurate to call her as being “born in Belgium” or “originating in Belgium”.

      If anything she was Dutch, since since went to school there and continued speaking the language.

    4. +SantomPh It’s very ignorant for you to think that _jus soli_ is simply “American law”.

    1. Point/punt, gross.

      I love once you know some languages they all look familiar.

    2. Josh Velasquez yeah am belizean. punta gorda is a garifuna community.

  12. Hello everyone,

    Some additional information on the relation between Flanders and Wallonia:
    Nowadays Flanders is the richer region of the country with lower inemployment rates and so on, sometimes helping Wallonia out financially, but not so long ago it was the other way round and Wallonia was the more prosperous region, helping out the poor peasants of Flanders. One part of the explanation for this shift of power is the fact the natural resources of the Wallonian mines were getting exhausted. The fact we help each other out has become a kind of an unwritten rule, but this nowadays is a bit under pressure.

    Anyway, this new situation allowed Flemish life and culture to become independent from Wallonia. French was banned out of everyday life. A notable example is the Catholic University of Leuven, where in 1967 students ‘threw out’ the Walloons and their language, so the Walloons had to build their own Leuven which they then called Louvain-La-Neuve. The legal division between Flanders and Wallonia, the language border, is also not that old, dating from 1962. The splitting of the province of Brabant (surrounding Brussels), in a Dutch and French-speaking part only happened in 1995. So, Flemish people began to claim their own territory, whereas beforehand the transition was kind of vague, and French was the lingua franca in many official things.

    Tempers became quite heated in the swinging sixties. Later the feeling of ‘Flemish nationalism’ lingered on in the form of the right-wing party of ‘Vlaams Blok’, later ‘Vlaams Belang’ and their Wallonian counterpart FDF. But as generations changed they lost votes until they became the small and quite unsignificant party of mostly elderly people with extreme views they are today. Surprisingly, in 2007 the flamboyant figure of Bart De Wever made his entrance in the political scene in the New Flemish Alliance N-VA, a more temperate but still right-wing party and for a moment it seemed there would come a split in the country. But after the ridiculously long (196 days) and tiresome government formation led to nothing, Bart De Wever lost his fire fighting for the Flemish cause (and also a lot of his belly-fat, but that is another story).

    Generally, the Flemish population also got fed up with politics and as a consequence a large majority wants to accept the situation how it is today. After this decennia-long enmity in politics, most of us have forgotten what the conflict is all about, it has become quite a silly discussion. And from my experience, Flemish and Wallonian people get along a lot better in real life than in the parliament. So I really don’t think peacefully co-existing forms a problem. A real split seems highly improbable, because 1) Flemish, Walloon people (and the German-speaking people of course, sorry for ignoring you all the time) in reality do not hate each other that much to weigh up against the disadvantages, and 2) there are still numerous things that tie our fates together, like the city of Brussels.

    I’m Flemish by the way, if you haven’t noticed already, sorry if I’ve been a little Flemish-biased. If you’re Wallonian, I would be very pleased to hear your side of the story.

    On Belgian identity:
    Belgian identity often has been quite problematic. Apart from the cliché touristy things like French fries, beer, chocolate, comic books and Manneken Pis, there is not that much we have in common. Not that we don’t like all those things, we really do, but they are kind of superficial.

    No-one really knows the one reason why it was created back in 1830 and it still feels a bit artificial. Apparently those days even what you could call ‘Flemish’ people were (ironically) so fed up with the Dutch that they’d rather speak French. In each case, the English were keen to help created it as a buffer state between France and Germany, and just asked a random German prince to became the head of this new state. So it is quite difficult to positively identify as a Belgian. Also, the short history we have is not really something to be proud of (with things like Leopold II and Congo).

    Yet, I do think a lot of us do identify as a Belgian, but rather in a negative way instead of a positive one. Because we’re not the same people as the French, Dutch, Austrians or any of the other people that have ruled us, so don’t say that. Which again does not need to imply we don’t like the Dutch and French, but we do indeed laugh a lot about the huge differences.

    Thank you for reading my comment. I enjoy your channel and I congratulate you both on your Belgium video, where you did quite a good shot at explaining something hellishly comlicated, and on your ‘g’ sound, which seems to be a nightmare for most English-speaking people. A very happy and prosperous 2017!

    1. very interesting comments, thank you all.

      Talking about complicated, strange and “messed up”, come to Bosnia and Herzegovina where three nations with three different religions and cultures fight all the time about their “three different languages” that are identical 😀

    2. Sounds horrible. So is Bosnia and Herzegovina the Belgium of the Balkans or is Belgium the B&H of North-Western Europe? 🙂

    3. I’m Wallonian too and I think that less wallonian can speak flemish because our first choice is to learn english. We put english before flemish, we should not but it’s how it is.

    4. Based on what you just say, that’s also a difference between Wallonia and Flanders. In Wallonia they don’t “force” us to learn Flemish/dutch and usually we took it as a second foreign language after english.
      PS : we neither do not like Flemish/dutch.

    5. If a split happens, I think Brussels would become a kind of European Capital Region, like Washington D.C.

    1. I’m from Belarus and I know that this means. Belarus this is Belarus. Not Russia, not russian.

    2. Господи, человек с именем и фамилией Таймураз Цаликов российский шовинист и имперец и втолковыевает мне, что белорусы часть русских. Господь, ты умеешь шутить! Живи в своем маняимперском мирке дальше. А мы, беларусы, будем жить от таких как ты подальше.

    3. zzzzzzzzz Пусть удары судьбы, которые наверняка ебанут тебя колуном по ебучке придут поскорее. Может исправят тебя. 🙂

    4. да я вижу, что тебя еще при рождении ударили. Разберемся без советов шовиниста из рфии, кто мы такие и как нам жить. В этом видео про Беларусь, какого хера ты сюда приперся? Иди рашку обсуждай. Вечно лезут к соседям. Вата.

  13. fun fact: not everyone in the netherlands speaks with a harsh G, in the southern provinces of Noord-brabant and Limburg (my home province :D) where they speak with a soft g, like they do in belgium 😛

    1. Laurens Klaassen yo ken jij snollebollekes? die gast is een baas hier in belgiesch limburg

    2. +GuNNs Haha, menneke. Al verschillen we net zoveel als’t wegdek aan de Nederlands-Belgische grens, carnavalsmuziek is overal ‘t zelfde.

    1. België is op een moment 589 dagen lang zonder overheid geweest als product van dat inefficiënte systeem. Nu ik ben geen politicus maar iedereen ziet dat dit een redelijk disfunctionele beleidsvorm is. En ja hoe dat zich vertaald naar het spenderen van geld veronderstel ik ook dat dat moeilijk gericht en correct verloopt als er geen regering is.

      Het probleem is dat er in deze periode nog steeds ongelooflijk veel getaxeerd werd door diezelfde mensen die het hunzelf konden permitteren om wat te zitten ruziemaken over dwaze disputen die makkelijk opgelost zouden zijn als België gewoon zou splitsen..

    2. Maar anders, kunnen wij maar beschouwen dat twee talen (drie) hebben een voordeel is? Ik kom uit Frankrijk en ik hou heel veel van België. Een land met twee culturen heeft veel aan te bieden. Maar politici gebruiken alle verschillen mogelijk om de dingen ingewikkeld te maken, in hun belang, niet onze.

      Het is leuk om wat positief te zien. Toch?

  14. I’ve lived in Belize all my life, and I’ve never heard of thumb-locking lol. And I’m sure you guys meant “Placencia” and not “Placinica” because that’s where I live and Whale sharks tours are very popular here.

    1. he gets input from his subscribers, so you can only blame yourselves for not emailing him.

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