Fufu Recipe- African food Recipe

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To or toh is a popular staple in west Africa. It is usually served
with an okra soup and taste so good.


3 cups of water

4 or 5 cups of one of these flour : cornmeal, cassava powder, sorghum flour

salt to taste ( optional)

24 thoughts on “Fufu Recipe- African food Recipe

  1. You are right. Likely the powder is okay. I gleaned cassava legally here in France and had to look in a cookbook and noted it is highly toxic indeed. I had to process it at home. I could not do her recipe, as I am gluten intolerant, but perhaps I could substitute a little buckwheat flour. I like quinoa a lot but this is new for me and also takes processing. Soaking, rubbing, precooking.

  2. Thank you. initially, I was pouring my flour directly into hot water. the bumps were so many.

  3. Nice recipe, but what are your seasonings and where can I order them from? There are Asian or so-called ethnic hole in the wall grocers near where I live. Still, I don’t find much besides Goya and various Caribbean products. Tanks!

  4. Thanks alot I have been looking for this kind of video but all I saw is different thanks this is helpful

    1. That’s probably why black Americans eat dumplings because its similar to fufu from cassava instead of potato. Since we are descendants from Africa.

    1. Lady Amaimono Next time you’re out and about and see someone from Africa, just ask where they get their ingredients. Chances are, if you live in a moderately-sized city, that the is at least one specialty shop for ingredients. Usually they are small stores whose advertising is by word-of-mouth.

    1. Lynn Stone Not sure about any other places but us Angolans have it with sauces and meat and veggies, gives it flavour

  5. this fufu was too soft…do you eat it like this? in Congo we eat soft fufu but not like this..anyways,nice vid

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