Fruity Ice Lollies | All Nigerian Recipes

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Where to buy the ice lolly maker or Popsicle mold:
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Fruits used
• 1 Mango
• 2 Kiwis
• 1 Peach
• 1 Pear (English pear)

Add these fruits for colour
• Water melon
• Strawberry

Music by Dano

15 thoughts on “Fruity Ice Lollies | All Nigerian Recipes

  1. You mean the lolly maker? I’m not sure dear. You can look for it in stalls that sell plastics in the markets or at the big departmental shops such as Shoprite.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t add sugar. Very healthy, and a great way to get kids to eat their fruit.

  3. Mama Put, can you believe that I always walk past this thingy at the groceries & never knew what to do with it?
    I decided to buy it after I saw you video. Hubby made the girls some smoothie and froze it in this thingy. They loved it. Once again, thank you for your videos, so helpful.

  4. Yes, fruit pulps are used in many different ways 🙂 And we learn something new everyday dear. Enjoy <3

  5. With the right combinations of fruits, you’ll be surprised at how much sugar there is in these very ripe fruits. Also, my kids do not like artificial sugar so no point adding some 🙂 And o yes! No kid will reject a fruit that comes as a lolly! 🙂

  6. You know why I love you? You be correct action woman! And your family is lucky to have you. <3 Glad you tried it and the kids love it! They'll eat anything that is served as a lolly including water from fresh bitterleaves LOL And I'm loving that my special name *wink

  7. That’s it, I’m coming to live with you! Not for free, I’ll pay my own way; but I must come and stay in your place (lol). Your family is so blessed to have someone like you in their midst. There is so much love in your preparations. Thank you for sharing.

  8. hehehe … so when does your flight arrive? LOL I’ll be happy to have you dear 🙂 I didn’t know that the love shows so much in these videos. Thanks!

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