Fried Meat/Shaiyah – SS Cooking – Episode 2

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Once again, a very simple recipe for meat eaters only.

This recipe is also known as 'shai-yah' in South Sudan.


14 thoughts on “Fried Meat/Shaiyah – SS Cooking – Episode 2

  1. shai yah and esh wallahi million thanks, would appreciate recipe for injera

  2. Thanks for the channel, I hope to visit often when cooking South Sudanese food. Love it this channel.

  3. Hi Samantha Derrick I would like to point out inhabitants who have lived in the same country until the recent independence 2011 are bound to share the same food, because South Sudan has its own country now does it mean we have to invent new food? i hope this has answered your comments, and we would love for you to continue watching the show. stay blessed

    1. +SS Cooking no you don’t have to invent a new food i’m sure south Sudan have some kind of food you must be proud of or your not ?

    2. +mama1968 dude, did you not read what she said? North and South Sudan share a lot of food… so any food she is proud of, chances are North Sudan has it too

  4. Also if you do a little history digging you will find who the original inhabitants of Sudan were, until due to many invasions pushed them further and further to the South, i won’t bore you with history but as i mentioned previously, if two children have lived in the same house for more than 200+ years and one decides to leave to a new house does that mean they should leave all the mothers teaching and invent new ones of there own?

  5. wooow thank you for a Sudanese food and thank you for your good job

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