Ewa Agoyin Stew | Nigerian Food | Nigeria Cuisine

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.. This video will show you how to make Ewa Agoyin stew. This stew goes well with the beans

27 thoughts on “Ewa Agoyin Stew | Nigerian Food | Nigeria Cuisine

  1. Delicious!!. . Every week u give me new dinner ideas.. my skills in the kitchen has improved because of u.. Thanx .. God bless you brother 🙂

    1. nawtiichic… AMEN OO… I am glad you find my videos helpful. God bless you for watching as well. Many thanks.

    1. Oluwatamiloreify .. ahaahaaahahah @calories of life … What shall a man do with food ? Just naija. hahhahaha. Please stay connected.

  2. Looks so good but I can’t help but cringe at all that oil! Supercalorific nigerian meals lol 

    1. +Eniola Folarin That is why its called the widow maker, all that msg in bleached oil is a heart killer

  3. ahhhh! I just downed a plate of ewa goyin I was watching the video and cooking along it came out delish! !!!!!! thanks Bro. I do feel like I just put on 2kg!!!!

  4. oh my God. that got my mouth dripping I can’t wait to try this recipe. on my way to the kitchen 🏃

  5. Even though I am allergic to shellfish, this looks pretty good (though not remotely healthy).
    I think, the onions were a tad too dark (burned) – plus I am not a fan of bouillon cubes – is there an alternative?

  6. I will love to try this stew as usually when onion is burnt the stew get the slight bitter taste

  7. I’m tempted to try this ,I grew up in my grannies house in Itire ,most of her tennant are Togolese people,we sleep and wake up with ewa goyin

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