Ethiopian Style Green Beans / Fasolia

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How to make Ethiopian Style Green Beans / Fasolia.. Enjoy ! Delicious..!

25 thoughts on “Ethiopian Style Green Beans / Fasolia

  1. Omg your mom is so lovely ….thank you for making this video learned a lot , the food is delicious .

  2. Well – we’d make it a series of sitcom starting with the life of the chicken, how it got caught, the hot water torture -you know the process – it will be very detailed – lol

    1. Hi Mahlet, I was being facetious to the person who commented on saying we talk to much 🙂 but it is a good idea isn’t it 🙂

    2. Absolutely a good idea.I mean  i don’t expect to see the life and the chasing of the chickens(laugh) but i hope you guys do a video on the ” megenetatele” process.Haven’t yet found the english word for that 🙂 

  3. all my family are gone to ethiopia for months and i never cook before but i cant live with out my ethiopian food. so this channel helped me a lot cook the food i love the most. thank u very much n i wish u both a happy and joyful life

    1. probably orthodox,… since Catholics are way smaller in number than orthodox Christians in Ethiopia.

  4. በጣም ያምራል ግን ኢትዮ ሞሆንሽ አትርሽ እሺ የኔ ማር

  5. የእግዚአብሔር ልጁ ኢየሱሴ የእግዚአብሔር ልጁ ኢየሱስ says:

    Bless you

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