Egyptian Slow cooked Fava Beans/Foul recipe (English)

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💙Mini chopper used:
💙Slow Cooker:
💙Falafel/ Tamia recipe:
💙Arabic version of this video:


Egyptian/ Middle eastern cuisine
Egyptian food reflects the richness of the ancient country. the recipes are complex in taste yet easy to make.
the recipes offered on this channel are in both languages English and Arabic.
a glimpse of the beautiful culture and amazing food. hope you like it 🙂

Miriam is a self taught Egyptian cook, currently living in the US. She is very passionate about cooking since a very young age. here she will be sharing with you her love for food and cooking.
her cooking integrates her Egyptian culture and her love for modern American cuisine.
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14 thoughts on “Egyptian Slow cooked Fava Beans/Foul recipe (English)

    1. that is the correct way of eating foul 🙂 looks like you are a true “foulaholic” 😉 it is my husband’s favorite way of enjoying his foul 🙂

  1. برافو ياميريام انتي جميله وشكلك مصري اوي وبجد ربنا معاكي ولو ليكي صفحة عالفيس بوك حطيلي اللينك من فضلك

    1. you can use either or, but i like to use tomato sauce more than the concentrate so it won’t alter the color too much.

    1. +jewishnature i wish i can give u an exact link or place to buy it from. Unfortunately it is really hard to get ur hands on specially here in the US.
      I got it from a middle easfern grocery store in California. I’ll try my best to tey and find it online gor you. And if i find it I’ll send u the link 😊

    2. Hi Miriam, thank you so much for your help. If they are availible in your grocery store i would pay you in advance for send me some of them .. I am really desperate i was looking for them in Jerusalem and in Amman

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