Egyptian onions

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A brief presentation on the nature and uses of Egyptian Onions. (Allium proliferum) Also called Tree onions, Walking onions and topsetting onions. they are very prolific, and can be used in many ways. I use the entire onion; bulbs, leaves and the top set bulbs for all kinds of meals. They are medium sharp as onions go, and have their own unique flavor. The are easy to grow and if not pulled up at the end of the season will continue to grow and expand voraciously in your garden.

9 thoughts on “Egyptian onions

  1. I like those plants, but if you are looking for lots of bulbs, they sure don’t look like a big yield. A novelty plant?

  2. Considering you can eat pretty much the entire plant and how easy they are to propagate, without having to buy seed or starts, I consider them a staple to my garden. High yield is not always the best goal to focus on when your outcome is food security

  3. Mine have survived the winter, including being covered by snow and days with temps several degrees below freezing. I pot a few baby bulbs each season to give away to people who inquire about them locally (my garden attracts a lot of attention) and to plant in new locations. They are so easy to grow and propagate that I have not been without fresh onions for my meals for years.

  4. A friend gave me a small handful of these sets about 14 years ago. They came from her uncle in Chicago, I am in NJ. I put them in a container to hold them. I have been eating them since then. The container has been outside and it is thriving. If you plant most of the sets the first few years you will have an enormous yield.

  5. Also known as Wandering Onions because they will if you give them a large plot.  I was gifted 2 “sets”.  I gave one to my fellow gardening buddy – planted mine. Despite being dug up by the local quail and magpies…and my cat, I have one big survivor and it’s a blessing to my kitchen garden!  My friend has propagated hers naturally and has a big patch!  It’s a spicy “green onion” and excellent with Thai & Indian or Pakistani dishes and as an everyday addition to every salad!

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