Egyptian Lentil-Rice & Pasta (Koshari)

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30 thoughts on “Egyptian Lentil-Rice & Pasta (Koshari)

  1. OMG…I wonder if poor Egyptians can afford this dish with all these ingredients.

    1. Hi Arm this recipe for poor and rich everybody love it, also ingredients not that expensive

    2. Koshari is an egyptian street food, it’s not expensive at all because it doesn’t use any animal products

  2. تسلم ايدك حلو اوي.ممكن علشان نخلي البصله مقرمش كويس نضيف ملعق دقيق

    1. اشكرك جدا حبيبتي , انا جربت الدقيق لكن بيحترق في الزيت الافضل تجربي هذه الطريقه الموضحة بالفيديو

  3. يسلموا منجد يسلموا مشاءالله عليك دقيقه وطبخاتك سهله وقمه في الروعه مشاءالله عليك متعك الله بالصحه والقوه والعافيه

    1. اشكرك جدا حبيبتي , ربنا يخليكي

  4. This looks amazing. Definitely gonna try it. At least, to the best of my deciphering skills. Some parts I’m a bit :/ what happened… But yum!!! Can’t wait to try it. Looks delicious.

  5. i aM working here in saUdi arabia and one of mY difficulties is cooKing saudiaN food for mY employer..i gonna trY this today..i know they will love this..

  6. this video recipe was very good for practising my poor egyptian arabic.
    and it was also very authentic! thanks!

    speaking of authenticity, though, i have to ask a question:
    i want to cook this dish for a date with a nice woman, but i’m afraid it may contain too much garlic.
    would it be very bad, if left out the garlic?
    would it still be koshari?

  7. Did this. Taste so nice. But I hv nothing to compare it with because I never eat it at any shop.

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