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this is how i bake my fresh agege bread … however in this video i was unable to show the end product due to my memory card been wiped out 🙁 .. but enjoy


  1. Hey girl. You should have added a picture of the finished bread at the end. You are awesome! Keep making videos and don’t get discouraged!

    1. Maryam Shumate what I was thinking too… people love seeing finished products…

  2. Is it feasible to bake bread with honey or maple syrup instead of sugar?

    1. Yes you can use any other form of sweetener or you can avoid it all together

  3. there’s a place located at 2565 Atlantic avenue in brooklyn called Naira Bread where is baked stop by show love.

  4. Good job on the making process . Nigerians need to be careful about eating SATURATED AND HYDROGENATED FATS EG BUTTER , AND OTHER OIL . I know they do not have good HEART HOSPITALS over there. Agege bread is not good food over time since butter is used in making it. Just like Nigerians use butter to eat bread every morning please people heart disease OK. Thanks please can you try to modify by removing butter .

  5. where is the most suitable place to store freshly made agege bread at home after buying dozens??

  6. excuse me what ingredients its the third one after butterni didn’t get can you tell me please thanks

  7. Hi There, could your assistant get their legs off the table and stop scratching very unhygenic.

    1. Francois Osamor lmao that a 2 year old … plus am doing the cooking and not them … but thank you for noticing that … x

  8. Please make your measurements accurate before you cause people to have bad results. 4 tbsps, 2 cups, 4 cups of flour? Which do we pick, although based on experience it seems you used 2 cups.

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