Easy fish stew

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Fish stew, This is a clearer video from my last 1.

27 thoughts on “Easy fish stew

    1. lacreacia25 were is the salt, lime and red pepper on this fish? Bahamain fish is be right i doint know what this is we watching

  1. Looks good, not easy at all, but I will definitely try this recipe!
    Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. No bones wont get stuck in your throat obviously you take them out your mouth before swallowing or pick them out bèfore you put the fish in your mouth. Cant believe you ask a question like that, like a 3 yr old.

  3. I just read a fascinating book centered on Zimbabwe culture and I’m excited to try some Zimbabwean dishes! I’m going to start with this 🙂

  4. Thats a lot of tomatoe paste. was it really need for color when actually tomatoes also give color and flavor. Acid reflux in the making

    1. Its my country’s African cooking as well as some other African & Asian country cooking.  Its typical in our stews.  Been there since the dawn of time, no acid reflux here.  We’re pretty healthy taking a not very wild guess.  But its not for color at all, its actually part of the flavor n texture of the whole process more than anything.

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