DIY Beefheart food for my discus.

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Discus are omnivorous fishes that require a varied diet that consist of both meat and veggies and is also high in protein. This is my first attempt at making discus food. The beef heart is high in protein and the veggies and mulitvitamins provide the different minerals that they need to live a healthy life. I used a steamer to cook the veggies because it helps hold the nutrients in better than boiling. If you cannot steam the veggies boiling will also work.

43 thoughts on “DIY Beefheart food for my discus.

  1. Hi there great video. I Have About 25 Quarter Size Discus, will this be good for then as well? Also how often would you feed them this mixture? Thanks for your help

    1. this mixture is good for any sized discus. and when you say quarter size do you mean the size of a US quarter coin? 

    2. Yes and growing quickly everday. I’m in florida so all my discus are from jack wattley discus.. There blue turquoise.

    3. +Luca Bondi the more you feed them the better. 4 to 5 times a day with 6hr intervals between is good

  2. can i just feed my fish just beefheart? i have frontosas, geo, flag tail gourami black knife jack demspey flowerhorn clown loaches, catfish, and red devil.

  3. Very informative video. Thank you for sharing. Can I give such food for Denison’s barb, Congo tetra, Bala Shark and swordtail community. I’m gonna use egg yolks instead of gelatine. Thanks in advance.

  4. Powdered vitamins work as a binder with no need for gelatin. Ditch the ice cube trays… Put your mix in small zip lock freezer bags, flatten the bag out thin and then FREEZE, not refrigerate. Take bag out of freezer, break a piece off and feed.

  5. Hi
    I like the video, but only think you should show us when you feed the discus with your home made beef heart how your discus eat that

  6. Hallo, as long as I live in Germany I can’t find the beefheart , so may I use cheep heart instead of beefheart?

    1. can’t give you an exact number but I can say a little goes a long way. I would say 2lbs of meat and 1lb of veggies will last you a very long time

    2. +Justin Pollonais Hi tell me some other multi vitamins I can use for this… nice work sir….

    3. +Chanaka Ranathunga well another option is actual Discus multivitamins that can be bought on Amazon. the azoo brand is supposed to be good

    4. +Justin Pollonais Thank you for reply… please add more videos about your experience s……….

  7. Can you feed all fish this mix? I have Angel, Molly, shark tail, sharks and pleco ? Not sure I’ve ever seen beef heart, ask the butcher or maybe just look, haa? I give bloodworms and Wardley flakes but I’d much rather diy.. Tyvm for your video And your time..;). Vicki

    1. good morning vicki. yes you can feed this mix to your fishes. to make it more nutritious you can even add fish multivitamins to the mix and use egg yolks instead of the gelatin. any other questions feel free to ask

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