Delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian food- Ga’ate/Genfo/Porridge

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My mom making one of the best breakfast food called Ga'ate umm mmm good!

25 thoughts on “Delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian food- Ga’ate/Genfo/Porridge

  1. nice , never knew I can find Eritrean/Ethiopian recipe in you tube, good job , I should learn a lot from your video

  2. Tigray/ Ethiopian people call it ga-at too!What do you mean gonfo? you just jumping to Amhara people,how did you get there so fast!Even in Ethiopia so far we use both names. The rest of Ethiopians we don’t know what they call to me your mom’s ga-at looks so dry!I wouldn’t like it if its dry like that!

    1. Different strokes for different folks. Some like ge’at, some don’t. Some like it really fluffy and moist, others like it a little drier and firm. Good thing is that one can adjust to their liking.

    2. Queen Nigisti
      listing what’s the different between tigray & Eritrea u just bla bla Gaat is tigrigna not another language but u looks like mad

  3. All Ethiopians donot call it Genfo. It is only Amharas (that constitute 27% of the population) who call it like that. Others call it differently. For instance Oromos that constitute 40% call it MARQA

  4. that’s why i want merrege my eritrean girl so she can make ga~at for me lol my favorite food thanks the video I’m eritraqi also.

  5. Thank you for this; I’m Jamaican/American but a Orthodox Tewahedo convert. I need to get the women at my church to teach me how to make this.

  6. I love this ga’at.  But I don’t understand the type of flour. Did you mean tortilla flour like cornmeal? The ga’at I’ve had was made of barley and regular white flour.  I was just wondering.  Also, It seems that we did not have regular spiced butter in the middle as it is so strong, so it was like a light spiced butter..maybe just onion and garlic?  My best friend is from Eritrea and makes this. It’s my favorite breakfast, but I would love to be able to make it myself.

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