Cooking Kisira. One of South Sudanese especial food.

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South Sudanese favorite food. I was in Kampala Uganda and its my last week to come back to the United States. Nadia is cooking kisira for me.

28 thoughts on “Cooking Kisira. One of South Sudanese especial food.

  1. I’m Sudanese and I don’t know why the camera guy is so excited about it. There’s nothing special about it

    1. +Sara Doe ☺ I was born in Juba when it’s one country too but my mother from there and my father from north, family like ours they still suffering from that separation 😢

    2. I hope one day we can fix our country so our people will no longer suffer. I love all my fellow Sudanese, thank you <3

    3. Very kind words Sara & Ahmed,
      Ahmed, I had friends like you haft Jenobi haft Shemali, your are very special ones😊😊
      Sara, InshaaAllah 7abibty that day will come soon, we’ll be sharing one home full of love, peace, respect, justice and freedom 😍😍

    4. Thank you dear sister +Alo ya​​​​​​​ for your compassionate words, and Inshaa Allah that day will come soon .
      Excuse me sisters +Alo ya​​​​​​​ & +Sara Doe​​​​​​​ to invite you – you can invite your friends too – to our new community in Google+ for all Sudanese all over the world it’s called “lamatna Sudania” لمتنا سودانية we will be very happy 😊 when you accept my invitation and join us..

  2. Y’all need to just leave the man alone! I’m sure he gets the fact that it’s Sudanese! Dang! And one of y’all said that y’all don’t know why he’s so “excited” about it, and that it’s “nothing special”. Well, it’s special to him, he is showing excitement because that’s his favorite dish. And y’all should correct him nicely, instead of such a rude way. It was just a little mistake. So RELAX! The video was lovely. Great job.

  3. Lol at all you people saying kisra isn’t South Sudanese it’s Sudanese. Sudan was all one country not too long ago. We share the same culture. Arabs came into our land and forced all of their culture down our throat, so guess what? You guys can’t take it back. We share it now.

    1. its really stupid and personaly its make me sick when our people always forget that we are the same nation who have the same culture.
      wandering if these silly people thought that Assida is only Shimali and not Jinoby or VV!!

    2. i’m north sudanese but i’m still sudanese and so are you guys, and we’ll both stay sudanese until the end of time, even if the map doesn’t say that.

    3. Sara Doe Sorry but Sudan separated. You can still say your Sudanese but you are South Sudanese. North Sudanese people are mixed with Arabian blood, however we are. That doesn’t make us better tho.

    1. +Amany William
      الكسرة السودانية
      المكونات : عبارة عن دقيق ذرة + دقيق قمح مخلوط عادي بالماء بس احنا هنا في السودان
      بنخمر العجين عشان طعمها يطلع حادق .. اللى هو انك تخلى العجين بتاع الكسرة
      يوم او اتنين في الثلاجة وغالبا احنا بيكون دائما في كل بيت سوداني خمار للعجين
      زي مابنسميهو بيكون موجود .. كل ما عليك انك لما تكوني عايزة تعملي كسرة أنك
      تجيبي جزء بسيط من الخمار بتاعك الفي التلاجة وتضيفي عليهو دقيق ذرة وماء ولازم
      العجين قوامو يكون لين .. يعني زي قوام البان كيك
      وممكن تضيفي دقيق قمح بسيط .. واحنا مقاديرنا للكسرة ع البركة سااااايباضحك
      وبعدين طعم الكسرة على حسب ما انتي عايزة يا حامضة يا فطيرة زي مابنقول

      نيجى بقى للطريقة ..
      وطبعا اصعب حاجة فيها طريقتها .. واللي هي عندنا صاج مخصص لعمل الكسرة (عواسة الكسرة زي ما بنسميها)
      وكلكم بتعرفوا الصاج .عندنا الصاج الاصلي وبتاع اهلنا الكبار اللي هو
      بيتحط في النار علي الجمر في حاجة اسمها منقد بتختي فيهو الفحم وتولعي وتحطي الصاج وتبدي عملية العواسة
      وهسي بعد الناس اتطورت بقت عملية العواسة بتتم في صاج الكهرباء او الغاز
      احنا عندنا حاجة مصنوعة من السعف اسمها قرقريبة تستخدم لعمل الكسرة اللي هي
      بعد ما تضعي العجين في الصاج بتتحكمي فيهو بالقرقريبة دى وبعد ماتنضج بتترفع وتوضع في صينية أو
      زي ما عندنا هنا حاجة اسمها طبق بنحطها فيهو وتغطي بمشمع عشان ما تنشف

      منقول من فتكات

  4. kishra is Sudanese food and not south sudanese food. Unfortunatly the separtated sudan into 2 part but this video is the proof that sudan will remain inalterable for ever

  5. ohhh you remind me of when my mother and grandmother used to make Kisra in North Sudan, Thank you Nadia, you make such amazing, clean cut Kisra.

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