Congolese Goat Meat Stew

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Our african food takes time in preparing as we add a lot of flavours and has different stages. I brought you this quick way to make goat meat and still taste amazing 👌🏾

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* 1KG Goat Meat
* 400g Chopped tinned tomatoes
* 2 tbs jumbo chicken seasoning
* 1 ts all purposes seasoning
* 1 ts mixed herbs
* 4 garlic
* 1 maggie cube
* 1 whole nutmeg
* 1 Bell pepper colour of your choice
* Bay leaves
* Scotch bonnet chillie (optional)

Enjoy! 😚

12 thoughts on “Congolese Goat Meat Stew

  1. hi, I am new to your channel and I enjoy every single of your cooking videos as I am from Congo too. good job, I’ll recommend your channel to friends

  2. Hey Elle can you show us how you make fry chicken coz my son only likes that .thank I’m looking forward

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