Coconut Chicken – Cooking Chicken In green Coconut In My Village – Healthy Chilli Chicken Recipes

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Cooking Delicious and Best Recipes Me And My Friends Cooking a Chicken Recipe, It's a Method Of Healthy Cooking, I have Shown How To Do In Telugu Entertainment And Tv Media They Cooked really Delicious Chicken In Green Coconut Chicken Healthy Chicken Recipes

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65 thoughts on “Coconut Chicken – Cooking Chicken In green Coconut In My Village – Healthy Chilli Chicken Recipes

    1. chayan deb—-can’t you have couple of civilized words without insulting some one? it becomes a nasty habit for some people.

    1. I think that’s the beauty of being outdoors…no cars sounds, no tv, no whatsapp message, no ones yelling in the streets, just the silence of nature like birds singing, the campfire burning down I liked it because of the silence.

    1. yes, it’s not good looking food. And they waste wheat flour, a whole coconut and lot of effort as well. They can not control the heat and dont know the time of cooking. Failed recipe.

    2. Nguyen Nhu Binh ur name sounds like lemon. “nguyen NimBu”….(m waiting for ur kiddish hurt reply saying” lol hahahha u cant even read english” plz hurry up i aint got all day now)

    1. +ShotsFired you know, part of me was crying when reading this comment thread, I saw 3 guys saying who was richer…like I got $5 in my pocket, whoever hires me, I’ll think of you like Bill Gates 😂😂😂

    1. +spikeyfish​ yeah if I still had the files Id work on them more made those in 2013 wish I could finish them

    2. Since I took the time to look at your channel.. Perhaps you could look at my friends channel? Yogi Beats

    1. Kills off germs but it doesn’t denature all bacterial toxins (exotoxins)! So washing is a must..

    2. If you bought your meat at a market or store that’s not blood that’s on the meat. That’s the number one thing butchers do when they prepare an animal to be cut is drain the blood from the animal. Also some people cook blood and prepare it as a dish. My grandma made tacos out of pig’s blood.

    1. Hey Timothy Wedd and Tanya Crear I want this “thing” going on between you guys to have a happy ending. :DDD

    1. Bea H. Cooking outdoors is fun. And using a fireside it better than using a stove, Just so you know.

    1. +Erika & Kate Yes girl, that sounds good, even better than chicknut, afterall chickens makes that sound too, 🎵coco coco🎵, lmao

  1. To me, something felt off during the whole video. Seeing the number of dislikes, I’m not alone.

    I really wonder what it is, though.

  2. Super Cool. Thank You so very much for adding the ingredient list.  The best cooks measure by eye.  Glad to be learning from the best.  Terri St John US Virgin Island.

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