Chicken Tikka (Succulent & Delicious…How to Marinate and Cook)

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Chicken Tikka. Succulent, tangy, magical chunks with a careful balance of spices and herbs. Cook under a hot grill, or use a BBQ. Eat as a snack, starter, or use it in a curry. Once you start eating it, it's difficult to stop.

This recipe makes enough Chicken Tikka for approximately 7-8 single portion curries, or can serve 6 people as a generous starter. It freezes well. Less or more can be made by simply scaling the ingredients down or up.

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29 thoughts on “Chicken Tikka (Succulent & Delicious…How to Marinate and Cook)

  1. If you don’t fancy getting your hands in there, for domestic quantities, a ziplock bag is a good way to go for massaging marinades 😉

  2. I’m about to do this tonight, is using chicken legs and thighs ok? I just bought a pack that expires today. So I won’t leave them overnight but I’ll give them a good four hours, cook them, and then back in the fridge. Also should I leave the skin on or off do you think?


  3. The best i tryed! Better than Al’s, better than Julian’s! This is going to my curry recepie book! Well done!

  4. This recipe is top notch my good man, I make this every Friday night ready for Saturday, many layers of flavours, I can’t recommend this enough, it’s great on its own or in any other dish you want to make, well played sir!

    1. +MistyRicardo I just wondered, Mark, do you eat it as a starter, and do you make curry with it. This survey will earn you 5 mrck points 😉

  5. Hi Misty, both, I have tried different recipes, and found this to best by far, just yogurt and spices as it should be, no jars or packets, I find them to be a bit salty, keep up the good work matey, Mark aka the shark.

  6. Does the chicken taste/feel significantly different in other dishes when it’s thawed vs fresh?

    1. not really, Rafael. I haven’t noticed much difference at all. Keep it sealed tight in the freezer.

  7. Mr ck , was looking forward to this vid but had to click off it because of all those bloody pain in the arse pop up things to other recipies! one thing at a time please or keep the other plugs to a minimum.

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