Chicken Recipes – How to Make Creamy Chicken on Linguine

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In this video, we'll show you how to make a delicious, Italian-inspired dinner with tender chicken in a creamy, cheesy sauce served over linguine pasta. In under an hour, you'll be serving your family this meal and we bet they'll be asking you for seconds!

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32 thoughts on “Chicken Recipes – How to Make Creamy Chicken on Linguine

    1. because it’s added in the beginning and you can see it is totally burnt when the onion is added

    2. +Kristaps Jansons Ive made dishes like this for years and always add the garlic early like they did to infuse the oil. Never had a burnt taste. If you do the same and are achieving a burnt taste, perhaps you need to lower the heat, that should help!

    3. Actually it is advisable to put the garlic at the end of the cooking, being soft it does tend to burn easily.

  1. Not salting the water? And you didn’t finish the pasta IN the sauce! Fail!

    1. You can keep the pasta warm by draining it from the pot instead of a colander, thelukos. Keep the pasta in the pot, and then tightly cover the pot. This works very well. Plus, preparing the sauce is easy and fast.

    1. Thanks for the applause, Sitti Castillo! We’re happy to have you in Allrecipes’ YouTube community!

  2. I have never cook pasta in my life before … Will this recipe work using penne?

    1. You bet, Phillip Amura. You can pretty much substitute any kind of pasta for another type. Penne’s little tubes will be great for collecting the sauce. Cooking pasta is easy, so you’re about to start a new tradition. Enjoy!

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