Chicken Poha Bhujing from Agashi Bhujing Centre – Original Recipe

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You can't call yourself a real Bombayite till you've had Bhujing at Agashi Bhujing Centre. This's a roasted 'n then steamed chicken mixed with special spices 'n pohe. A favourite in the Virar-Vasai region on the outskirts of Mumbai. Here the video of the original Bhujing 'n how's it made.

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10 thoughts on “Chicken Poha Bhujing from Agashi Bhujing Centre – Original Recipe

  1. Hey Mohit…I met u during one of d foodies meet.. Thanks a ton for sharing this..I love bhujing..but never knew how it was made

  2. I did try this method and it turned out same as what I had tasted in virar …thank a ton for this video … I could relish this dish even though I was far away Frm India ….

  3. A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to the owner and his dad for sharing and creating this recipe… turned out fantastic and everyone in the family loved it. A special thanks to Chowder Singh for uploading it ;-)…… 

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