Cassava leaves sauce – African food Recipe – Feuilles de manioc

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In this video, I show how i cook cassava leaves sauce.
This is a Guinean way of cooking cassava leaves with beef , fish, peanut butter and palm oil.
For the ingredients details you will find it to my website.
I hope you will enjoy this famous African sauce which is serve with rice.

200g blended cassava leaves

200g beef (or any meat), cut into cubes

3 TBS peanut butter

100 ml palm oil ( or peanut oil)

1 fish

1 onion, blended

3 okra, finely cut

chili, adjust to your taste

salt to taste

2 Chicken seasoning or Maggi Jumbo

smoked fish powder ( optional)

35 thoughts on “Cassava leaves sauce – African food Recipe – Feuilles de manioc

  1. I love this stew especially, but it taste way better with lima beans, and instead of chili add blended up jalapeno/onion.

    1. I grew up in a Sierra Leone house hold, and everyday we had some sort of African food.
      Also smoked fish taste beyond good in this dish, and with beef, and you need to add Lima beans in it, I swear you won’t go back to cassava leaf stew without adding Lima bean again

    2. Never had it with okra or mushroom, truthfully I have never had mushroom in any sort of African dish. But I do love okra, and okra stew.

  2. I just made cassava leaf and it’s really different from yours, I guess it depends on the country

  3. Good job😊👍, but when you’re cooking cavassa leaf,you have to wash the cavassa leaf first, then boil it. You have to boil it for a long time because if you don’t, the leaf won’t have a good taste.One tin again is you don’t boil the fish and meat together because the fish will match in the soup while cooking it, you season the fish and stem it, not boil it. Ask question if u need more details😊☺

    1. aliyah Trawolin why correct someone’s creativity? And it looks like she’s using a pressure cooker which cuts out hours of boiling time. The veg is boiled and drained to take away the poisonous liquid that it has not for good taste. Should only boil it for half an hour to get it of the poison anyway.

  4. Y’all saying “you should cook it this way”… did you forget that recipes differ from countries? Hummm

    1. Julie Bela Wamona people tend to forget that cooking is a creative thing also. Vary the taste of your meals. I’m Congolese and I vary my cassava cooking all the time.

    2. Scorpions Gaming ? So what? I don’t get that lol – just to clarify my comment was supporting your cooking and saying that it’s great to cook it differently and also there are slot of countries in Africa who cook it differently

  5. My stepmother is from Sierra Leone and she used to make this all the time! I’ve been craving it for years and now I can attempt to make it! That looks amazing!

    1. Kirstin Flake cassava leaves. İs it mloukhia ? İt smells like henna that we color our hands with it

  6. Wow,look so yummy . I planted in my garden many of them Casava I can’t eat it all. I used to gave some a friend they really like it .but we cook different way . Ingredients I use rice powder ,pork born , chilli ,lemongrass some herbs . I think I like how your cooked too.

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