Butter Chicken – Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

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In this Unique show Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will teach the nation his top recipes. From main course to starters, it will feature his best signature dishes. Fresh and classy, this show continues to warm the hearts and homes of millions of people across India.

23 thoughts on “Butter Chicken – Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

    1. Shriya Ghosh
      forget calories if you want to enjoy makhni gravy..run an extra lime to burn calories. it is worth it.

  1. stop making these recipes chef by murdering someone and eating the hen is very bad

    1. Cathy, FYKI this video is only for those who understand Hindi, the language he is speaking in.

      For your convenience, you can read the recipe for this dish in English. There are plenty of it out there in the vast Net.

  2. Here are 2 tips for those who are making this video:

    1 – There is no need to shift from one viewing angle to another while Sanjeev is speaking. This is slightly distracting.

    2 – No need to show a background graphic with letters on the foreground.

    The graphics obstructs our view of the video. Just show letters on one side. That’d be enough.

  3. This recipe is one of the worst ones of all time! I warn you all, I wasted my time and money and of course, destroyed my mood twice because of this useless recipe. Please don’t repeat my mistake. Or you’ll be under the impression that butter chicken tastes like this. This is nothing like real butter chicken.

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