Butter Chicken Recipe Video in URDU – HINDI

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Butter Chicken Recipe Video in URDU – HINDI by Maimoona Yasmeen Recipes.

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24 thoughts on “Butter Chicken Recipe Video in URDU – HINDI

  1. thank u for a easy receipe iam going to cook this recipe in couple of days. again will leave a comment after cooking….

    1. Hello and thanks a lot for the compliment dear Rupali. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care ans stay blessed.

    1. Walaikum assalam brother Jahangir. Did you try creamy cashew chicken from our videos? Inshallah, I’ll upload more of gravy chicken recipes. Take care and keep sharing your views. May Allah bless you.

    1. Walaikum assalam brother Syed Jamal. Yes, you can use Kashmiri red chilli powder instead of red chilli powder and red food colour. Add as per the taste and the requirement.

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