Bunny Chow (South African Curry served inside Bread)

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Bunny Chow originates from Durban, South Africa, where the immigrant Indian population invented a cheap street-food meal during hard economic times.

Originally vegetables were mainly used instead of meat, but the modern Bunny Chow is typically a spicy Lamb Curry, served in a hunk of crusty bread, with a pickled carrot salad on top.

For the more authentic experience, eat with hands only, using the scooped out bread as a dip.

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23 thoughts on “Bunny Chow (South African Curry served inside Bread)

  1. I bet it tastes great, but maybe if the bread was toasted a bit it would look better at the end?

    1. Yes would look better, but it’s supposed to be soft to soak up the curry gravy. Fair point though.

    2. +MistyRicardo No brah , why’d you cut the bread , leave the top part on whole , let it soak for about 5 mins. then chow it .

    3. +thecouchtripper You would never toast the bread! And you also wouldn’t slice the bread but otherwise a pretty good version.

  2. My wife has rabbits and trust me when I say you don’t want a ‘runnier bunny’!. Looks filling!

    1. And don’t go getting any ideas about rabbit curry. I’m sure your wife has done a head count.

  3. Well done that was brilliant.
    Your take on a bunny chow is so far unchallenged in my palate, s memory and I have eaten many Durban curries and all things Indian.

    1. Well,I cooked your bunny chow recipe Misty and it was the best I have tasted or made.
      The only thing I did differently was to use fresh
      curry leaves.Thanks again

    2. I was born there and emigrated 37 years later.Still do combine the flavours of a Durban curry and a Cape Malay curry,so get a combination of hot,sweet and aromatic,served with an array of sambals including turmeric and sultana flavoured rice.

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