Bobotie How to cook South African budget food recipe

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25 thoughts on “Bobotie How to cook South African budget food recipe

  1. I tried this, i used, sweet chilli sauce instead of mango chutney, garam masal instead of curry powder, and didnt add any sultanas (dont like them) and lastly i used chicken mince instead of beef. Just used what i had at home. IT was DELICIOUS thanks 😀

  2. I will be making this dish. I just know it’s gonna be delicious b/c I heard you smacking in the background lol. Thank you for the recipe…:)

  3. Is that in the oven for 30 mins with the foil and then another 30 once you have added the egg/milk topping?

  4. Really its a great recipe but why do people always try to put too much in a small pan. Couldn’t u see it didn’t fit and just switch to a bigger pan.

    1. Lol. Right? That’s what I thought. I also think many will do all those steps thinking they are all important steps when in reality all they need is a bigger pan. Smh.

  5. Great version of Bobotie but why is a British guy sharing a very traditional South African dish? I’m just asking?

    1. Why not? Its food.. hes a Chef/cook.. perhaps he tried it in an African restaurant and wanted to make his version at home and share it with people? Just because hes British dosent mean he cannot enjoy trying out making dishes from other countries O.o I am british and I make Bobotie all the time in my house! Its a favourite.

  6. Now what you eat this with, is called “geel rosyntjie rys” Rice colored yellow by steaming it with a little turmeric and a handful of de-seeded raisins. 😀

  7. The onions are woefully burnt. If any of my family (South Africans) saw those onions they’d throw them out and start over.

    And we’d use Mrs. Balls Blatjang.

    And where is the borrie? It isn’t bebotie without borrie.

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