Black Soup Video | How To Make Benin Soup

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Edo black soup is both delicious and easy to make, here is the link to the complete recipe , you will learn to make this soup as well as all the ingredients used by watching this video, you can also visit us to read a more comprehensive recipe. You will need bitterleaf, scent leaves and uziza leaves. This soup is enjoyed by the people of Benin

18 thoughts on “Black Soup Video | How To Make Benin Soup

  1. I think this is simply delicious, what do you think? Have you tried black soup before?

  2. Is this what d delta call banga soup or its different ? and can I use spinach since I don’t have access to fresh bitter leaf and scent lead over here ?

  3. was this soup made here in US or in Nigeria? if in US, where did you buy your fresh bitterleaf and uziza leaf? looks delish though!

  4. when you said scent leaf , did you mean basil leaf because uziza is not scent leaf

  5. You will use uziza leaves as well and scent leaves. Alternatively you can replace basil with scent leaves. They are different but serve almost the same purpose.

  6. The soup was made in Nigeria. I suppose you could buy all of those ingredients from an African shop.

    1. I am just so thankful for your videos they are a great help. 1 question when measuring the leaves after blending are you using a cup used for baking or a standard cup for drinking I’m quite confused

    1. That is actually palm fruit sauce and not palm oil. we don’t use palm oil for black soup.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  7. l love bitter leaf and bonga soup very well we the binis love it so much you can use it for eba, pounded yam, starch, fufu, elobo, rice, and so many other things

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