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Bhajias are a very popular snack in Kenya and the East African region as a whole and this is as a result of the Indian influence. They can be made with any type of vegetable (onion, cauliflower) but the most popular in Kenya are the potato bhajias. Bhajias are savoury snacks that are normally deep fried till they become crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the onside.

37 thoughts on “Bhajia Recipe – How to Make Homemade Bhajias – Jikoni Magic

  1. Hi, thank you for the video. The instructions are clear. I tried making mine but they came out quite hard. What do you think could be the problem? I couldn’t find gram flour so I used all purpose flour.

  2. hi,great stuff,I love cooking too, and I do it like a professional,…How can I use it to earn a living??

    1. Hi, I love learning new ways of doing things. So, do you boil the potato whole or do you pre slice it first before boiling it?

    2. +Jikonimagic you boil the potato when its whole. you slice it after removing the cover.

    1. I actually read your comment twice and had to watch the video just to make sure…lol. Thank you for the nice comment. I actually do nothing much to my hands, vaseline and Nivea moisturizing lotion is all I use before bed and anytime my hands feel dry because of how much I have to wash them because of my cooking videos and handling my small baby.

    2. Anytime my dear although I am lazy in that department. Can’t even recall the last time I manicured them… lol.

  3. This reminds of one of the restaurant in Nairobi Meru cafe and ismailias restaurant. they were making the same as your recipe.

  4. Very impressive. Thank you. What if the potatoes are fried b4 hand and browned b4 adding to batter. ? I think it will add to the taste. What you think ?

    1. That is an impressive thought right there, twice fried potato bhajias! I do believe that it will add to the flavour, I like your thought pattern.

    1. +Moureen Shikanda Turmeric ni binzari ya manjano. Red chilli powder ni pili pili ya kawaida iliyosagwa. Ni tofaiti na paprika ambayo ni pili pili hoho nyekundu iliyosagwa.

  5. hi, I have a question what if you don’t have gram flour just ordinary wheat flour will they taste any different

    1. Yes, there will be a difference. The two flours have very different textures, smells and tastes. Try as much as you can to use gram flour.

    2. Thanks for answering me so fast um problem is am in China and my options are to buy online or look for places with high population Indian students and ask if someone can sell some flour which is so awkward so will it be too flat like the spices won’t help at all

    3. The thing is wheat flour is not as crumbly or crispy once it’s cooked as compared to gram flour. So you will lose out on the texture. And then there’s a certain unique nutty smell that gram flour has. My advice, try out those places you’ve mentioned with a high population of Indian students or online. But if all else fails then you could try the wheat flour, although it wont be the same.

  6. I’ll try this this weekend, if they turn out well, I’ll do a video of it on my next vlog!

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