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Hi! Welcome to Betty's Kitchen!

In Betty's Kitchen, you will find demonstrations of over 1,000 recipes (many of them traditional Southern recipes), over 100 Quick Tips, many trips to places of interest in my home state of Kentucky, and loads of family fun! Please join me on this great adventure!

Hosted by Betty Givan of Richmond, Kentucky, USA.

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22 thoughts on “Betty’s Kitchen Trailer

  1. Title says ” trailer” not a video intro. I agree with you that an intro should not last to long.. 10 secs like you said and definitely not longer than 30 cause that’s pushing it lol!

  2. Ms. Betty you get more beautiful and your food looks more delicious as time goes by. I’ve been a long time subscriber. Great introduction!

  3. I love you Betty, I’ve been watching since late 2010, and haven’t stop watching since.

  4. Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate all of the support you have given me over the years. Rick and I think the world of you and Elba.
    Take care,
    –Betty 🙂

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment, Cameron. I really appreciate it!
    Warm wishes,
    –Betty 🙂

  6. I’ve been watching your channel for years, and I want to say thank you for doing all that you do!

  7. I have an ex-husband born and raised in Louisville, he still lives there. I lived in Clarksville Tn-Ky line for 4 years, then moved and live California now, but I enjoy your bringing home the southern cooking, which I have missed very much. Bought me a pair of ACME boots and learned to line dance before I went away, now I am able to cook by your teaching and feel like I’m back in Kentucky again! God bless you! Thank you Betty!

  8. Hi Betty, just tried your potato pattie. Excellent! However, I did add granulated onion along with Penzy’s granulated toated onion. Omited the red pepper and add white pepper. My husband liked it so much he wants them with his eggs in the a.m. One more things, whoever is searching for a small shredding device, ,.,.if they have the kitchen aid electric chopping device, it comes with a two sided slicer, and one side is “fine shred. (I was so happy I check, and did not have to go and buy one) Thank you for your recipes., Carol

    1. I’m so glad you and your husband liked the potato patties, Carol! And thanks for passing along the tip on the shredding device. I appreciate your comment! 🙂

  9. Love your channel. Subscribed today after seeing your corned beef and cabbage meal

  10. Oh my land’s sake, you’ve got brains, beauty, blonde, baking, bodacious, and Betty Crocker, all rolled into one!
    Was that first part Southern? I’m just a simple Cali girl, tryin’ to fit in. Y’all are wonderful to share your amazing food culture.
    I found you because a subscriber of yours gave you a shout out on another channel’s comment section.
    I bit, and now I’ve found an angel 😍

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