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Mulukhiya (Mulukhiyah/Mulukhiyi) Recipe or Jews Mallow Soup Recipe, a Must Try Recipe.


  1. Thanks. so glad I just made a stock pot full of chicken broth yesterday : )

  2. My friends make fun of me because I call this dish “Egyptian Gumbo,” lol. I love this dish and it is so satisfying!

  3. Omg I thought Liberians were the only once that ate plava sauce/ jews mellow. its nice to see it made a different way than I am use to. Interesting .

  4. its take so much time ?? but if u are going to cook again 1hr so what for to cook it 20m first..a big hug

  5. do you live in Michigan? if so what part because i know a man who grows those leaves?

  6. i watched dede since 2004. she is so beautiful. i wish she was my wife.she is gorgeous and the perfect lebanese housewife.

  7. lol i love the way she says melokhiah its hot and good recipe too

  8. I’ve eaten this many times in Lebanon and it is absolutely delicious! I’ve only had it with chicken, not beef. can’t wait to try it out! Thanks! x

  9. Hi! I was wondering if I can use freshly picked jews mallows? If yes how much should I use? We have this growing abundantly in our backyard. We usually add this as a leafy vegetable to soups.

  10. We called it mnukhiah when I was a kid, mom made it with lamb and chicken in the same pot, we put it over rice, and it was the best tasting meal I ever had growing up. Thanks for the memories.

  11. Hey Dede,
    Instead of dumping out the water after cooking the mallow couldn’t you just add a chicken or beef bouillon?? I would think your draining out nutrition when you change broth like that…

  12. Thank you for adding this recipe. I do not eat red meat but love this dish and have had many versions for many years. If it is not too much trouble would you consider offering a recipe with chicken using frozen Mulukhiya. That is the only way I can find it in Dayton, Ohio. Once again thank you for taking the time. This is also one of my favorite dishes.

  13. most people in the middle east eat it with white rice (calrose) mixed with vermicelli..not brown rice

  14. a replacement for shortening would be any oil. I’d recommend grapeseed, olive, or coconut oil.

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