BBQ Chicken In The Oven.

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Recipe for making BBQ chicken in the oven which will be juicy, tender and packed with flavor. Using your favorite BBQ sauce and with the help of some herbs and spices, we'll infuse the juicy pieces of chicken with a Caribbean twist. BTW, I said 50 minutes and not 15 minutes as it sounds when I speak.. blame the accent (smile).

22 thoughts on “BBQ Chicken In The Oven.

  1. I can’t believe the attitude on some of these people, one gets made because you using bottled sauce, one gets made because your not. I really think they come on here just to vent their anger. Your a sweet man, don’t pay no mind. That chicken had a nice pink color, what brand is it? Some chicken you get today, doesn’t have that nice healthy look. I can’t afford organic all the time, but I bet it taste much better. Looks so good. Thanks, take care.


  2. how come you never try your home food in your videos? inquiring minds would like to see the doneness of the meat. looks delicious!

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