Basbousa – Egyptian Semolina Cake Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 130

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I would like to dedicate today's video to the people of Egypt. We are making Coconut Basbousa, which is an Egyptian semolina cake soaked in rose water. This is my way to say that my thoughts are with the people of Egypt…

25 thoughts on “Basbousa – Egyptian Semolina Cake Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 130

  1. تسلم يديك.عملتها طلعت بتشهي والاكل حبها واطيت اسم الوب سايد تبعك للجميع شكرا.يديك في اخر الفيديوا وانت بترشي جوز الهند علي الوجهه مه الموسيقي حلوا كثير المنظر زي الفن .انت فنانه حلوا شكرا

    1. لو سمحتي هي حاطه عليها نشا ممكن تقوليلي المقادير بالعربي

    2. +Youssef Yassen watch my video on how to translate my written recipes in arabic Alia’s Tips: How to View and Translate My Recipes!

  2. I made this and it is really delicious. I think i need to put it longer than 35mins because it was not golden brown after 35mins but still taste greatThank you

  3. I will try it and one thing ur really gorgeous and i am a girl y
    using my brothers acount ty

  4. I am from the Caribbean send Vincent and the Grenadines one question can i add cherries to that cake

    1. You can add one cherry at the top for decorative purpose. Coconut and cherry is a great combination in the Caribbean and it makes desserts look and taste very palatable.

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