Authentic Pico De Gallo Recipe | Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe | Salsa Mexicana

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I have had this in several meals, but never did a video on it, so she sent a request asking me to do a video on it. I really appreciate her reaching out.
This pico de gallo is a recipe to really make your own. Balance the ingredients to suit your taste. I personally go a little heavier on the onion and cilantro than most.
Here is the recipe I use to make pico de gallo (Normal batch size, not the batch I made in the video)

4 1/2 Roma tomatoes tomatoes
1 medium red onion
1 lime squeezed
1/3rd bunch of finely chopped cilantro
2 cloves of minced garlic
4 jalapeno chopped
kosher salt to taste (approx. 1 -2 teaspoons or so)

In Mexican cuisine, pico de gallo, also called salsa fresca, is a fresh, uncooked salad made from chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh serranos (but jalapeños or habaneros too), salt, and key lime juice. Other ingredients may also be added, such as shrimp, vienna sausage or squid, avocado, lime juice or apple cider vinegar, cucumber, radish or firm fruit such as mango.

Pico de gallo can be used in much the same way as other Mexican liquid salsas, Kenyan kachumbari, or Indian chutneys, but since it contains less liquid, it can also be used as a main ingredient in dishes such as tacos and fajitas.

The tomato-based variety is widely known as salsa picada (minced/chopped sauce). In Mexico it is sometimes called salsa mexicana (Mexican sauce). Because the colors of the red tomato, white onion, coriander and green chili are reminiscent of the colors of the Mexican flag, it is also sometimes called salsa bandera (flag sauce).

In many regions of Mexico the term refers to any of a variety of salads (including fruit salads), salsa, or fillings made with tomato, tomatillo, avocado, melon, orange, jícama, cucumber, papaya, or mild chilis. The ingredients are tossed in lime juice and either hot sauce or chamoy, then sprinkled with a salty chili powder.




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39 thoughts on “Authentic Pico De Gallo Recipe | Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe | Salsa Mexicana

  1. You say u do it all the time but u coughing tells me its yur first jk it was funny

  2. Que delicia, ya se me antojo comerla con unos tacos de carne, esperó haya estado muy picosa (hot) porque así queda mucho mejor 😀

  3. parsley AND cilantro with scallions yum.. if you add fish like say a salmon well then you end up with lomi lomi

  4. I think the most important ingredient that was left out here is cilantro. I freakin’ love cilantro.

    1. I put a ton in there. I did mention that I forgot to list it, but i did show me putting it in. I also listed it in the description. We eat at least 3 bunches of cilantro here a week. I love it also

    2. Go to the 1:59 mark in the video where I mention it is my favorite ingredient. Sorry you didnt catch the whole video before clicking away

  5. For anyone not watching the whole video. I do add cilantro at the 1:59 mark of this video even though I dont mention it in the ingredients

  6. It looks delicious.
    good video and good channel too.

    1. +No Hippie BBQ & Cooking you are welcome.  and Thanks.

  7. I wonder if a little more garlic and less jalapeños would taste good? I’m a wimp when it comes to jalapeños (but I love garlic). I like the type of tomatoes he mentions to use, the Roma, because I find the large tomatoes don’t have a lot of flavor. (My family uses Roma tomatoes in their pasta sauce for their flavor.)

    1. I hear you about the jalapeno peppers. I know people that use only a little of them, and add either red or green peppers to it

  8. Looks great!! that was lots of salt though~!! but thats pretty sawesome!!

    1. The camera makes it look like it is more salt than it was. Thanks for taking time to comment

  9. Do you have to add jalapenos? I have stomach ulcers and cannot eat spicy foods.

    1. I would use green bell peppers if thqt were the case, or any other mild pepper

  10. This is my absolute favourite.. Come summer..salsa and chips for me 🙂

    1. There is cilantro in there. A lot. You must not have watched the whole video

  11. Great video guys! Thanks for the tips on how to use the salsa. I don’t have Jalapeños but will try your tip to use green chilies and green pepper. I’ll add the salt bit by bit ‘to taste’ as you advised.

    1. I really like making it with green chilies. I think it actually has more flavor

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  12. Thank you. I love pico de gallo. Once in a while I find it at a store but it is just not good. Can’t wait to make some of this.

    1. Thank you Joyce. I really love pico de gallo and salsa. We eat a lot around here. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it

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