Aubergine Peanut Butter Salad/Salada Aswad – SS Cooking – Episode 1

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Video Disclaimer: This recipe WILL contain nuts.

A very simple recipe for vegetarians and meat eaters.


18 thoughts on “Aubergine Peanut Butter Salad/Salada Aswad – SS Cooking – Episode 1

  1. Your facebook privacy settings did not allow us to share with some of our visitors, so we copied the content n shared instead… nice work

    1. +SouthSudan4U I managed to change the settings to public for future episodes, such as our fried meat episode out now, many thanks.

    1. +Ayey Madut Thank you so much, its team work with my sisters doing the production side of it 🙂

    1. Thank you for watching Samantha Burn!
      We will definitely be making addas and fuul very soon. Stay tuned!

  2. finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much for your channel i think you are the ONLY south sudanese cook on youtube,God bless you

    1. +Klove8651 It’s time to shine the light on South Sudan! Aha. No, thank YOU for watching and helping us to make this happen 🙂

  3. saltat al aswad is my favorite salat . ur recipe is very healthy and looks rahieeba . I’m definitely trying it😄😄
    thanks darling 💞

    1. +Aloya awwww shuukran, it’s always nice to have a healthy option, but please try out and let us know how it goes and even send in some pics so we can put up 🙂

  4. I was randomly searching for South Sudanese recipes and i was 100% sure there was none until i stumbled on your channel. New subbie here :).Good Job. I see some pple add carrots, and potatoes some tomatoes but that’s just a preference and the beauty of variety we have in our country. I’ll try your method for a change. How can i reach you personally?

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