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I'm Angela! I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have 5 beautiful children 🙂 Two grew in my tummy, and three grew in our hearts. We are busy, loud, crazy homeschoolers and just strive to make the most of everyday. I'm a follower of Jesus, photographer and beauty product junkie. Of course we can add coffee addict, vulnerable child advocate, sometimes fitness bunny, most of the time food lover, and a wandering soul.
Here you'll find family vlogs, challenges, homeschool videos, beauty product reviews, mommy reviews, tips and tricks, recipes, tutorials, hauls and even some giveaways! Welcome to our little corner of the web, I hope you enjoy!

FTC Disclaimer: I feel so blessed to call Youtube my job. That being said sometimes I am lucky enough to have products sent to me for review. If I partner with a company I will always disclose it here. Please know my relationship with my viewers is of the utmost importance to me and all opinions and reviews that I share are my own.
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51 thoughts on “ASIAN MARKET ADVENTURES | DITL 4.19.16

  1. I’m so happy I found your channel! You have such a sweet little family & its so fun to see all of the kids individual personalities shining through your vlogs.
    I just have to say when it comes to making the choices for education for your own family, people will always have their opinions. I chose to homeschool our son this year while our daughters went to public school. It was the best fit for each of them AND all of us at the same time. Now, all of them are going to be homeschooled for the next school year. I truly believe that as parents we just know what is right for our families, as challenging as it can be to ignore the opinions of others, sometimes we just have to. 🙂

    1. +This Gathered Nest aww thats sad you stopped saying 4.5 due to that psycho overly angry twat complaining even about how one writes an age lol people are so weird

    1. Might be a over reaction…yeah very clearly it was a joke and no need to be rude over it really your pretty much attacking them…and it’s a pet peeve of mine when people don’t think about there saying to another person 😓

    2. Wow cant believe you found something negative to say! Obviously she’s used to calling them “the girls” but also they are kids and Rosie is a baby

  2. Rosie is beautiful you can tell already that she will grow up to be a gorgeous little girl

  3. This is a genuine question, I am not trying to be rude, I am just naive and genuinely curious as to why you would adopt a child with a disability? It seems, and correct me if I’m wrong… That all three children you have adopted have special needs?
    Obviously I am not saying there is anything wrong with this decision, I am genuinely just curious as to why someone would knowingly choose a child that requires a lot more care. I hope this does not come across rude, I really am not trying to be, but if anyone has an answer I would love to know.

    1. lolintosh not many people will adopt a disability kid, in her situation she got the other kids to help out with rosie. If no one want to adopt disability kids where would the kids go, is the government have to take care of them, what kind of life would the kid have? Kind of like everyone want to adopt a young puppy, no one want the older dog, same here, it take that special kind of person, you got to open your mind and heart.

    2. I honestly don’t see this question as rude or intrusive rather a genuine seeking to understand the situation. Rosie’s special needs mean that had she been left in her home town she would have been institutionalised as she would not have been adopted by the locals there. Yes Rosie will always be a barrel load of work. But she also will always bring such a special kind of love into this home please don’t jump on someone because they ask questions as questions break down barriers and in the end all that matters is there is a happy contented well loved daughter in a home that discovered it had a Rosie shaped hole and her laughter has filled the hole completely

  4. You have the most beautiful family ever! I subscribed yesterday after finding your channel and I’ve been watching all of your videos. My heart is so warm. You and your husband are such incredible people for doing this and I’m sending so much love your way ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Stephanie Mello i subscribe half an hour ago and is just watching. Her family is really cute^^

  5. Question: does she normally react so strongly to getting a new snack? Or was she surprised to have seen Asian cookies that she recognized from China? I am really curious!

    1. It was her favorite snack which she have known since she was in China. I’m pretty sure any child her age would be that excited to get their favorite snack. I don’t think there’s more to it than that 🙂

  6. It’s so sweet of you to get her some food that she enjoyed in China. That you made sure to learn what she loved to eat is really cute. That must feel so good for her. Imagine someone took away all that we enjoyed eating it would feel a little sad since certain foods and snacks have been with us since childhood and different smells too of different foods.

    1. Aaliyah Westin I totally agree! it was so sweet to see how rosie was excited to see those snacks!

  7. I’m supposed to be sleeping right now but I’m having a full on marathon of just watching your vlogs and stories, it is just beautiful your family is beautiful. P.S. I almost fell off my bed from screaming watching Rosie’s eyes just light up, and I am pretty sure I just woke up my Mom 🙂 anyways gotta blast.♡♡

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