African Peanut Sauce Recipe- Basic Peanut sauce – Jikoni Magic

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Peanuts or groundnuts are very common in African Cuisine and peanut sauce is one of the favourite accompaniments to a wide variety of dishes. Peanuts can be dry roasted or boiled and eaten as a snack.


1 Cup peanut powder
1 Large tomato, diced
1 Large onion diced
1 Beef cube
2 cups water

13 thoughts on “African Peanut Sauce Recipe- Basic Peanut sauce – Jikoni Magic

  1. @Chris Haynes thank you for your request, I will do that and tag you as soon as I upload the fermented uji video.

  2. Thanx for another great video. P.S, I saw your message ( I keep forgetting to reply) I completely understand, am patient.

  3. what do you eat this with,ive never taken it but i make my own peanut paste for bread and try making it but i dont know what to eat with

    1. Hi, I already have a video on this in it’s raw footage form. I will upload it once I am done editing it. Thanks for asking.

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