#1 Crock Pot Recipe according to Reddit! ❤️ Honey Garlic Chicken

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In this episode of #cookingwithcarson, we make delicious Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken! My husband Charlie loves spending time on Reddit (something I will never understand lol), but when a thred popped up recently on the main page about slow cooker recipes, he immediately printed it and told me we HAD to try it! So in this video, Carson and I give it a go. What I really loved is how it uses bone-in chicken breasts– the flavor is so much richer and they are so CHEAPER for families than the boneless, skinless variety. So, if you need a quick and easy Crock Pot recipe to impress, this is a great go-to. You can't go wrong. Plus it doesn't use a block of cream cheese, so you can feel good serving to your family.

My Crock Pot:

Original Recipe here:



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23 thoughts on “#1 Crock Pot Recipe according to Reddit! ❤️ Honey Garlic Chicken

  1. Yum!! always looking for some new easy recipes!!! Would love to see more like this, esp with Mr Carson! <3

  2. You two are so adorable!!!! I’m going to try this recipe out soon. Thanks for sharing guys ❤

  3. The recipe sounds so delicious, and I can’t wait to try it!!!! I know you are a very busy mom, but the videos I like most are. COOKING WITH CARSON!!! He is a very intelligent child toremember all he does and so well behaved. One day you will look back and be so happy you have the videos. Even if there was times it took extra time to make them. Love your family, and thanks for DoingItOnADime. You have taught me so many things and I am grateful for all of them! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    1. Marilyn Whittaker what a kind thing to say. It really is a special time we spend together making them I will always cherish. 💕💕

  4. Carson is so amazing! his pronunciation of all those different words, hoisin sauce! Star quality!

  5. Carson is growing up soooo fast and such a delightful little boy! Owen is also growing up fast and it won’t be long before he has his own slot, I’m sure 😀👍🏻

  6. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to try this out. Carson is so adorable and Owen is so precious. Blessings to your family

  7. Kathryn I love the cooking with Carson videos. I love that you do these with him. Cannot wait to cook one day with my little boy.

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